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Metal / Stains - Spotting Caused by Lime

Type of Surface Change

  • Stains/discolorations of a milky white to gray color.
  • Depending on specific conditions, these changes may extend across a larger surface or take the form of irregular spots with sharply defined borders distributed across the surface.

Origin & Causes        

Excessive lime in the water used for the final rinse or in the cleaning stage.

Treatment Recommendations        

  • Wipe-off with a soft cloth.
  • Acid-based cleaning with special cleaners as recommended by the instrument manufacturer.

Preventive Measures        

  • Use of fully demineralized water for the final rinse to prevent stain formation in machine-based cleaning processes.
  • Use of softened or fully demineralized water for the cleaning step.
  • Use of pure steam as specified in EN 285 (Annex B, Table B.1).

Risk Assessment        

No corrosion, only aesthetic significance.