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Plastic / Rubber - Aging

Type of Surface Change

  • Brown stains/discolorations, and possibly crack formation, in rubber and latex products.
  • Softening or hardening.
  • Many plastic materials turn yellow or harden.

Note: Silicone elastomers are extremely resistant to aging but tend to turn yellow!

Origin & Causes        

  • Dry heat impact, especially at higher temperatures
  • Straining and overstraining during storage
  • Sunlight, UV radiation
  • Oxygen exposure time (oxidation, true aging)
  • Ozone exposure time

Treatment Recommendations

None (cannot be corrected)

Preventive Measures        

If possible or necessary, store instruments under light- and temperature-protected conditions.

Risk Assessment        

If the changes are application- and/or risk-relevant, sort out affected instruments (depending on aging condition).