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Article "Steam Sterilisation of Reusable Surgical Instruments - Effectiveness Limits" published in Zentralsterilisation 4/2009.

Article "Investigation of Alkaline Detergents for Automated Reprocessing of Ophthalmic Surgery Instruments in Terms of Material Compatibility and Alkaline Residues" published in Zentralsterilisation 4/2009.


AKI: 30 years of instrument preparation

ESGE-ESGENA guideline for quality assurance in reprocessing: Microbiological surveillance testing in endoscopy, from Beilenhoff et al from ENDOSCOPY 2007, 39:175-181
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ESGE/ESGENA guideline for process validation and routine testing for reprocessing endoscopes in washer-disinfectors, according to the European Standard prEN ISO 15883 parts 1, 4 and 5; from Beilenhoff et al from ENDOSCOPY 2007, 39: 85-94
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