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Surface changes

In daily practice many medical devices are subject to surface changes due to chemical and/or physical impact. If not directly caused by normal usage, the origin of such changes can usually be found in the reprocessing conditions. If surface changes occur, it is advisable to proceed systematically in the following order in order to remove and avoid surface damage:

  • Determine nature, origin and cause Assess risks
  • Process/treat the items in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations to correct changes where necessary
  • Take appropriate measures to prevent reoccurrence, then validate your entire instrument treatment processes

Reworking or repair of affected products makes sense only if the causes of the surface changes have been determined and eliminated.

All examples given are based on the systematic 4-step approach outlined above. These examples cover the most frequent surface changes in metallic instruments made of stainless steels and/or plastic or rubber products.

Metal / Corrosion

Metal / Deposits & Stains

Plastic / Rubber