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... to our newly desigend AKI-Homepage. Here you will find important information on instrument preparation in hospitals, dentist´s and veterinarian practices.

An AKI complaints form is now available online with immediate effect.
This was compiled by the AKI Task Group on behalf of the AKI Instrument Working Group in order to provide a set of guidelines on recording all influencing factors with a potential impact in the event of damage to surfaces.

This is intended to provide support to operators/users in their communication with representatives of the AKI or industrial companies.

A new aspect regarding this form is that representatives of process chemistry, reprocessed loads, washer-disinfector and steriliser manufacturers were jointly involved in its compilation. This multi-discipline approach allows all special issues to cover all aspects and allow all representatives to contribute towards a solution. A further objective is to determine causes on the basis of the questionnaire by reflecting on the process and simplifying communication between the parties involved (equipment manufacturers, instrument manufacturers, chemical suppliers).

Click here for the customer complaint questionnaire.