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Objectives of the working group

Compilation and publication of practical information on the correct reprocessing of reusable medical devices with special focus on medical instruments.

Special attention is paid to providing tips and recommendations to users on the following subjects:

  • Procurement of new products (material compatibility in reprocessing)
  • Influences and consequences of reprocessing methods
  • How to deal with returns
  •  Handling, reprocessing, inspection and maintenance of instruments
  • ... with a view to the conservation of their value

As early as in 1979, AKI has published a  brochure called "Proper Maintenance of Instruments" ("red brochure"). From the very beginning, the focus was on preserving the value of the instruments through appropriate handling and care. Taking the increasingly complex manual and machine processing of instruments into account, AKI has continuously published new releases to keep the guideline up to date (by now it is edition No. 10).

The specific needs of dental instruments and their special handling are described in a separate brochure "Instrument reprocessing in Dental Practices". Requirements of veterinaries are dealt with in the brochure called "Proper Maintenance of Instruments in Veterinary surgeries".

AKI intends to keep these brochures up to date in order to respond to the state of the art and to forward the know-how of AKI experts to users by lectures and workshops. AKI will continuously work on the research to gain further insight in the reasons of material alterations and damage and to derive preventive strategies from such insight which will be made available to users in extra publications.

The standardization of instrument reprocessing and the description of individual steps of processing are another important issue of AKI thereby developping "Good Instrument Reprocessing Practice" (e.g. by supporting the working group "Leitlinie zur Validierung von Aufbereitungsprozessen").

Users may visit the bulletin board of the AKI homepage for online-help on questions of their daily life in sterile processing.