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    The AKI has published its recommendations on the preparation of instruments in hospitals, dentists' and veterinary practices in four brochures, which you can download here in different languages as PDF files.

    Red brochure

    Instrument reprocessing of instruments to retain value

    Yellow brochure

    Instrument reprocessing in dental practices how to do it right

    Green brochure

    Proper maintenance of instruments in veterinary surgeries

    Grey brochure


    Test series and statements

    Also you can order the AKI brochures as hard copies (minimum order quantity: 5 pieces).

    Please read our conditions of sale.

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    Please note:

    • The grey brochure ist not available

    • Other languages and green brochure on demand

    The exclusive copyright of the brochures created by AKI itself shall rest with AKI alone. Any reproduction or use of any such graphics, pictures or texts in other electronic or printed publications requires the express permission of AKI.