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Value retention - Why AKI brochures are also used in veterinary medicine

"The best way to preserve value is a joint one". In his #blogpost from November 2020, Johannes Gulde wonderfully described how to proceed in the case of surface changes on reprocessing goods in order to jointly and effectively identify the reason for a change and, as a result, to rule this out for the future. No other discipline like "instrument reprocessing" brings together so many disciplines at the user. In the washer-disinfector (WD) initial contamination from the medical procedure, mechanics, process chemistry, reprocessing goods, connections, water qualities, air quality, validation and maintenance service, test equipment, etc. "meet". For the further steps of the instrument cycle (packaging, sterilization, storage) this could be continued in the same way.

In addition to human medicine (#redbrochure) and dentistry (#yellowbrochure), this specialization also exists in veterinary medicine and the reprocessing of instruments in veterinary clinics and practices. The question arises as to how reprocessing can be carried out in this area under the premise of value preservation and a joint approach?

Especially for the veterinary sector, AKI has been providing support since 2005 with the #greenbrochure. Due to its topicality and identical focus (value preservation), the contents of the #redbrochure can also be transferred to value preservation in instrument reprocessing in the veterinary sector.

About the author

Hygiene and instrument reprocessing have been the focus of my professional career for 20 years. 7 years of that at Miele Professional in the area of product management / application technology. In our team, we develop reprocessing systems for medical devices. I am the "youngest" AKI addition and have been with the group since September 2022.

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