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What do instrument functional tests and aircraft safety checks have in common?

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

As airline passengers, we trust in technology and indeed, despite the significant increase in air traffic, fewer aircraft have accidents today than at the turn of the millennium.

During the pre-flight check before every flight, pilots check equipment and instruments to ensure that they are functioning properly.

The same applies to the functional testing of instruments in the RUMED. To provide maximum safety for patients and users, each instrument must not only be maintained but also checked for safe function before sterilization.

Part of the safety check for aircraft is the pre-flight check, where the aircraft is inspected for visible damage and leaks. In the cockpit, the pilot checks all instruments before takeoff. Technicians inspect the aircraft for cracks and check oil levels, hydraulic fluid, etc.

As with the pre-flight check, visual inspection of instruments for damage is one of the most important aspects to eliminate safety risks in use. Many inspection criteria for instruments are comparable, similar to different aircraft models, for example, each joint must run without friction. Cracked or broken parts are unacceptable. Parts subject to wear must be inspected and replaced if necessary. Care of the products is also a guarantee of retaining value.

For this reason, instrument manufacturers provide RUMED personnel with a checklist in their instructions for use to check the correct and important functions in the large number of instruments.

In both areas, a well-coordinated team of technician and pilot or RUMED specialist and surgeon is essential to ensure high safety standards for both, passengers and patients.

About the author

Jürgen Wegmann has been a member of AKI from 2017-2022 and represented the group of instrument manufacturers. At B/Braun Aesculap AG, he is responsible for packaging, reprocessing and quality engineering in development. He is a member of national and international standards committees.

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