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Terms and Conditions

Sales conditions

Thank you for your interest in AKI brochures. In the following we would like to inform you about our net sales prices ex works. Please note that a minimum order quantity of 5 brochures applies. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Brochure prices:

5-9 copies

from 10 copies

Professional associations (from 1 copy)

Net price/piece (plus VAT):

€ 15.00 per copy

€ 10.00 per copy

€ 10.00 per copy

Shipping costs (within Germany):

5 copies

6-25 copies

26-50 copies

51-75 copies

76-100 copies

101-200 copies

Shipping abroad on request

Net prices/delivery (plus VAT):

  € 3.90

  € 6.90

  € 9.90

€ 14.90

€ 42.90

€ 62.90

Please note the following sales conditions:

  1. This brochure does not replace the manufacturer's specifications on the processing of medical devices. The ordering party/user undertakes not to use this brochure in conjunction with the marketing of medical devices and to refrain from any activity which may suggest that the brochures contain manufacturer specifications.

  2. AKI retains exclusive copyright and all other proprietary rights for the brochures prepared by AKI. Duplication or the use of charts, images and/or texts in any other electronic or printed publications is prohibited without the express permission of AKI.

  3. Electronic data of AKI is published exclusively through the AKI homepage or AKI social media channels. Publications on other websites or social media channels are only permitted if AKI has given explicit prior consent to this publication in writing.

  4. It is not permissible to add advertising to brochures or downloadable files sourced from AKI. This also applies to flyers.

  5. AKI reserves the right to penalize each case of infringement against one of the obligations stated above under 1.-4. with a fine of at least €5000.

  6. AKI brochures can be obtained as a pdf file or in the printed version through the AKI homepage. The currently applicable prices and sales conditions are available at

  7. The brochures are sent by post and in printed form only in the European Union. In other cases, the pdf store is to be used.

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